Redd Angel

Three years of careful planning, seamless song-writing; lean beats and genre-shrugging rhymes equal Redd-Angel – Cape Town, South Africa’s answers to the call for quintessential cool.

26-year-old Jerome Martin has spent the better part of the new millennium preparing for world-chart domination with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, Fabulous Vol. 1.

Unie Moller, owner of Sexy Records UK, has committed to Redd-Angel in a way that has seen the two collectively build great repertoire and forge critical alliances from the UK , across Europe and right into the heart of Asia with the massive single “Fabulous Day”, released more than two years ago. “The song was a huge hit in South Africa , and was even picked up by one of the biggest publishing houses in Japan , Johnny Music and JVC Victor Records,” Unie points out. “It was covered by one of their key acts whose record sales had been on the slide and a very strong song (Fabulous day) was required to resurrect their fading careers. I knew then that the album “Fabulous” would follow was set to have an even bigger impact.”

Rather than rush the album, Unie made contact with his network of Record Producers/songwriters with whom Jerome could collaborate in the UK and Europe to work on what is now Fabulous Vol. 1 : 14 tracks of enough real identity, originality and vitality to warrant longevity in a market plagued with deposable, undistinguished tunes.

Produced at gosh!_audio studios in Austria , Fabulous Vol. 1 was moulded under the watchful eye and ever-critical ear of the song’s creator. The mix of influence and styles make for an album filled with R&B, hip-hop, pop and smatterings of jazz blended together. From up-tempo beats to emotional ballads, each offers the Redd-Angel vocal signature and song-writing credibility. “It’s an album that has to be listened to in order for it to be truly appreciated,” Jerome insists.

Redd Angel Fabolous Day
Redd Angel Sorry